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About that error in your military records: How do you fix it?

Imagine this obviously frightening and even harrowing scenario: While perusing your DD Form 214 and other discharge-related documents following termination of your military service and while readying your resume for civilian employment, you find one or more material errors that convey adverse personal information.

What, if anything, can you do about that? Are you permanently consigned to maneuvering around negative service-related entries as you apply for school and jobs and pursue other opportunities throughout life?

In other words, it is simply too late to remedy mistakes? Is error that is staring you in the face a done deal?

In almost every instance, a current or former servicemember can take strong and purposeful action to spotlight material error and seek to expunge or otherwise modify it.

At The Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, we help them do that. The National Corrections of Military Records page of our firm’s website presents relevant information about the processes that are available to an active-duty or ex-military member to correct flawed personal information.

There are myriad ways to respond to error and petition for its removal, with it being advisable for any concerned party to enlist the aid of a proven military records correction attorney. As we note on our website, requests for record adjustments and discharge upgrades “are complicated and time-consuming,” with specific processes and timelines being imposed in all cases.

That makes timely and accurate compliance with procedures an imperative in any given case.

Our firm proudly represents clients seeking records changes. We review records, collect relevant data, marshal favorable arguments, submit petitions and supporting documents and also serve as a personal representative at hearings.

Individuals seeking further information about the records-correction process can contact our firm for detailed information.

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