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That important security clearance: What if it's denied or revoked?

Just as is the case with millions of civilians, many military servicemembers go about their daily job-related duties without the need to access confidential or otherwise privileged information.

That is, there is nothing particularly sensitive about their jobs that requires them to obtain a security clearance as a prerequisite to performing them.

That is not always the case, of course. It is easily understandable why high numbers of military members do indeed need to be initially and vigorously vetted prior to gaining access to certain areas, being able to attend certain meetings, being entrusted with certain documents and papers and so forth.

Many jobs in the armed forces are indeed sensitive and even secretive. Some, in fact, deal with data and processes that are so tightly controlled that only persons who have obtained the highest level of security clearances can carry them out.

What happens to such persons in the event that they are denied a clearance necessary to perform a job or, alternatively, have a security clearance revoked or suspended?

The implications of such an outcome can be dire, resulting in blocked promotions, premature departure from the military -- or, in the case of select civilians, from the United States Department of Defense -- and subsequent difficulty obtaining similarly suitable employment elsewhere.

We are well aware of such possibilities at the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, and we bring all our professional acumen to bear on behalf of persons seeking to challenge adverse clearance outcomes.

David P. Sheldon commands many years of experience as a military defense attorney, which includes aggressive and knowledgeable representation of military and DOD civilian employees seeking to obtain or keep their security clearances.

A denied, suspended or revoked security clearance does not necessarily spell permanent defeat in any given case. Indeed, thorough research and persuasive legal arguments do in some instances yield positive results for persons contesting adverse military decisions.

Any military servicemember or DOD employee with questions or concerns regarding a security clearance can contact our firm for a free and candid consultation.

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