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Discrimination complaints in the military: role of counsel

It seems altogether logical that workplace-related discrimination claims in the military would not be materially differentiated from claims brought in the civilian world.

In fact, they might reasonably be expected to mirror the types of complaints brought in civilian work environments. After all, every military member was a civilian prior to enlisting in the armed forces, and military workforce demographics are closely similar to what exists across the wider population.

Put another way: Just as is the case with America's civilian workforce, military workers, too, comprise a vibrant and eclectic group of individuals. Our servicemembers encompass all races and both sexes. They are of varying ages and have widely differing job specialties. They affiliate with myriad cultures and ethnic orientations, follow varied religion traditions and are not monolithic in their sexual orientations.

Collectively, such attributes render our nation's servicemembers a wondrously diverse group of individuals. Understandably, they also make the military susceptible to ongoing claims of discrimination.

Allegations of discrimination in the military cover a lot of territory. Sexual harassment complaints are common, as are accusations of adversely differentiated treatment based on race, sex, religion, national origin and a host of other factors.

Each military branch has well-established procedures for investigating and following through on discrimination claims. The outcome in a given case can range widely. In some instances, an accused party might be completely vindicated. In others, he or she might suffer a promotion delay, receive a negative evaluation, be convicted of a criminal act or be discharged from the military.

The stakes can be high, and not just for the accused. Complainants are sometimes retaliated against, with repercussions that can be harsh indeed.

Given what's often at stake, a servicemember complaining of discrimination or a military member defending against such an accusation might reasonably want to secure knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation without delay.

We discuss in some detail the important role that proven legal counsel can play in a military discrimination case on a relevant page of our website at the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon. We solicit readers' closest scrutiny of the information contained therein, and welcome personal contact from persons seeking additional information.

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