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Administrative Separation Board Hearings Archives

Civilian employee faces adverse administrative response from Navy

Smartphone apps are playing a role in many areas of society, even military and/or criminal law. In a recent example, a cell phone video may have played a role in the decision to charge a Navy civilian employee with three misdemeanor counts.

A lawyer is needed even for administrative military proceedings

Like any entity, the military has an administrative component that involves paperwork, personnel and, quite often, a lot of waiting. Some of that administrative work may involve routine information and medical records. Other administrative activity may be more serious, such as adverse administrative actions or even administrative discharges.

Are administrative separation board hearings procedurally unfair?

Is it possible to receive a fair trial in the military? Although the Uniform Code of Military Justice offers certain procedural protections in the military’s criminal justice system, a recent article questions whether service members might still have an uphill battle. 

Can a war injury jeopardize your right to VA benefits?

A service member injured while serving his or her country should be entitled to medical and/or financial benefits. To the extent that some injuries are permanent and prevent the individual from working, adequate compensation should be provided until the service member is once again able to enter the work force. 

General discharge in ex-Green Beret's administrative hearing

The defense counsel for a former Army Green Beret soldier and officer operating with that service's Special Forces Command calls the outcome of a recent administrative hearing "a win of sorts," adding, though, that "there's more that's going to be coming following this."

Can an administrative separation hurt me in any way?

The quick and unambiguous answer to the above-posed headline question is that, yes, an administrative separation from the military can be accompanied by myriad adverse consequences for a servicemember.

Misconduct in the military: How bad is it, really?

As has been noted in past select blog posts and by a continuing stream of media articles over the past few months, a number of national legislators have been hammering hard on the military. Their central allegation is that too many servicemembers are committing crimes and being unpunished by military authorities.

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