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Former sergeant appeals a suicide-related general discharge

In our last post, we discussed the frightening prospect of a war injury costing a service member his or her eligibility for VA benefits. This may seem unbelievable, as military benefits are supposed to compensate and care for America’s soldiers after their service. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a situation when a soldier would be in greater need of care than after a war injury.

Is losing a security clearance an adverse personnel action?

The Obama administration is calling for an overhaul of the federal security clearance system. The call may be in response to the recent government data breach of about 4.2 million records maintained by the Office of Personnel Management. The new approach shifts responsibility to the Defense Department for housing the sensitive information.

Can you appeal a denial of military disability benefits?

Perhaps more than other careers, the military requires physical fitness. The risks of injury can also be high, especially for those who have seen combat. Although the military provides benefits to injured service members, a Physical Evaluation Board must generally approve eligibility.

Are some military controversies too small for an attorney's help?

In previous posts, we’ve explored some of the various types of courts-martial. Although less serious disputes may not be as newsworthy, a look at our law firm’s website section devoted to references and cases illustrates that important issues are still decided at all levels of military proceedings.

Protecting Yourself In A Security Clearance Revocation Hearing

A security clearance is vital, whether you are in the military or a civilian employee. Losing a clearance may mean losing everything you have spent your career working toward. You can't afford to simply hope for the best. You need to prepare yourself for an aggressive defense.

How post-traumatic stress disorder might hurt a military career

Military service can take a toll, possibly affecting an individual’s performance even before his or her service commitment is over.  One example that comes readily to mind is post-traumatic stress disorder. Although awareness of PTSD among service members returning from active duty has increased, the treatment for this condition remains as much art as science.

Corrections to military service records must be handled quickly

It is not uncommon for a veteran or surviving family member to discover what they perceive to be an error or injustice in a military service record. The correction of military records can be a complex, frustrating process. In the hands of an experienced legal professional, however, you might have a better chance at a beneficial resolution.

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