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Posts tagged "Criminal Charges"

Brig Gen. Sinclair plea results: reprimand, pay dock, no prison

The closely-watched sexual assault case against Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair is coming to a close. As we've discussed, last week the presiding judge summarily dismissed the jury in favor of plea negotiations, and the case moved forward quickly this week to sentencing.

Focus: enacting law to upgrade discharges for gay, lesbian troops

According to military officials, approximately 114,000 former members of the Armed Forces have a special stigma attached to their service records, namely, a discharge that denotes separation from the military due to sexual orientation.

Civilian's appointment to Air Force appeals court: Repercussions?

A matter that has been described as “a slap heard all around the world of military law” has called into question the appointment of a civilian judge to a military courts-martial appeals tribunal. Commentators say that the appointment could also affect dozens of cases in which that judge participated and ruled.

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