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Can military physical examinations be challenged?

Although everyone may hope for good news after receiving an annual physical, such examinations carry more significance in the military. In fact, a medical evaluation may influence the course of a military member’s career, including whether he or she might be eligible for certain benefits, promotions, or even admittance into certain military programs. Conversely, an incorrect health rating may clear a military member for duties for which he or she is no longer able or fit to perform. 

Can a legal action be brought against a commanding officer?

Does a service member have legal recourse when he or she believes that a commanding officer has acted improperly or illegally? As an attorney that focuses on military law, I know that Article 138 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice provides some protection. In some situations, a service member may be able to file a complaint against the officer.

A time of momentous change for gay military couples

Last Friday marked a signal day in the long march of gay Americans toward full equality before the law. In a 5-4 ruling, the United States Supreme Court held that no state in the union refusing to recognize same-sex marital unions could any longer deny the validity of such marriages consummated in other states deeming them lawful.

Does an Article 15 apply to major military offenses?

When levied as punishment for an infraction of some type committed by a military servicemember, an Article 15 applies to minor offenses. Those can generally be distinguished quite readily from more serious misconduct that is termed criminal in nature and, in the military, is typically dealt with in a court-martial proceeding.

Material aspects of a general court-martial sexual assault case

A recent article on military law presents some germane and interesting information concerning the singular aspects of a general court-martial case focused on sexual assault, and we pass along some central considerations for readers in today's blog post.

DOD-commissioned report shows significant drop in sexual assault

According to a recently released study by the RAND Corporation, longstanding efforts by federal lawmakers to combat the incidence of sex crimes within the ranks of the military appear to be working as the number of reported sexual assaults among personnel has dropped considerably over the last two years.

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