Navy Upgrades Discharge to Honorable in Board of Record Correction Decision


The Law Offices forwarded the decision from Board for Correction of Naval Records where the board found in the officer’s favor and granted the decision to upgrade the records to reflect Honorable. The decision removed the narrative reason for the discharge from Misconduct to Secretarial Authority, removing the RE-4 enlistment code and substituting an RE-1A.


Words can not express how grateful I am. I am so happy I found you and we got this outcome. This news is life altering and I’m so happy. I’m so grateful for all your hard work and effort. This is a huge win for us all. I thank you for your understanding and wisdom and patience. Not everyone was willing to give me a chance to tell my story. Your law firm let me have a voice again. I’m so glad you were in my corner and your knowledge and expertise lead us here. I’m so proud and so grateful! You guys are making a difference every day with the work you do. It’s so honorable and I’m so happy for us all. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!