The Law Offices of David P. Sheldon offers worldwide representation addressing the unique needs of Commissioned Corps Officers in the Public Health Service

Public Health Service Officers are at the forefront of our Nation’s health. There has never been a more critical need in our country for the duties provided by the PHS. While PHS officers are taking care of us, they also need to take care of the many responsibilities’ attendant upon Commissioned Corps Officers.

That is why the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon has focused an area of their practice specific to officers in the Public Health Service. Whether an officer has a concern regarding promotion, readiness, special pay, faces an involuntary retirement board, or needs records correction, our office stands by ready to assist those at the forefront of public health. We understand the unique needs of Commissioned Corps Officers.

Mr. Sheldon came highly recommended by a fellow Public Health Service (PHS) officer. After initial discussion he immediately reviewed my case and provided me with a clear pathway. I retained Mr. Sheldon’s firm to apply to the PHS Board of Corrections to obtain adjudication of my rightful promotion. His knowledge of the law, the system and prior cases is phenomenal. His team worked efficiently, diligently and we were able to get a successful outcome. I would highly recommend him to any uniformed service person.