Litigation/Federal Testimonial: “Mr. Sheldon and his team were the first people to stand up for me..”


Many of us who join the military are born red, white and blue. But what do you do when, as the song says, they point the cannon at you? Finding yourself falsely charged for a crime or an infraction by your country that you have given your everything to is shocking, debilitating, and leads to some of the worst despair. When this happens, call the law offices of David Sheldon. I waited several years, but eventually found my way to Mr. Sheldon, and I will forever be grateful that I did. I only wish I had asked him to defend my good name sooner.

David and his team take the time to review your case and provide an honest assessment. Nothing is promised, except the most vigorous representation, which is all one can ask from their attorney. Litigation with the federal government is time-consuming, tedious, seems never-ending, and is often soul-crushing. When you are in trouble, you need someone who has the experience, the knowledge, and the fearlessness to take on an often out-of-control and abusive system that far too often treats the soldier, the sailor, the airman, or the marine unjustly.

Mr. Sheldon and his team were the first people to stand up for me, and the first group of people to say that what had happened to me wasn’t right. They have given me a voice, helped me to make my claim, and provided me the opportunity to fight back. I will forever be grateful.

– Stephen McPherson