PHS Case Results


A Commander in the Commissioned Corps, facing elimination from the PHS for misconduct and substandard performance, hired Mr. Sheldon to save his retirement, having served over 17 years. Through Mr. Sheldon’s efforts, the officer was permanently retired from the PHS with a medical retirement and the elimination proceedings were terminated. The officer will go on terminal leave shortly.

Mr. Sheldon successfully represented a Public Health Service (PHS) officer in a formal hearing before the Medical Appeals Board (MAB). Mr. Sheldon appealed the initial decision of the Medical Review Board. Following the formal hearing, the MAB increased the officer’s rating to 70%, which was a significant victory given the facts of the case.

A Captain (0-6) in the Public Health Service received a 60-day sentence to confinement for possession and use of cocaine and for driving a vehicle while drunk/impaired. The officer faced 12 years in jail, a dismissal and loss of all pay and allowances. Most importantly, the officer will retire from the Public Health Service thereby securing him pay and benefits for the remainder of his life.

Mr. Sheldon represented a PHS officer who had been discriminated against. After filing an EEO complaint and proceeding through both the informal and formal process, settlement was reached. The officer was reassigned to a better job, her FLAG on promotion was lifted, a Letter of Reproval was removed from her record, and she received high rankings on her COER for her previous assignment.

As lead counsel for a Public Health Service officer in the matter of Castaneda v. Hui, Mr. Sheldon won a 9-0 decision before the United States Supreme Court. The decision upheld that Public Health service officers are immune from liability under federal law.

Before the Physical Evaluation Board, Mr. Sheldon represented a Public Health Service Officer. After a contested hearing, the officer was retired permanently-the officer was to be separated with severance and now because of Mr. Sheldon’s efforts the officer will receive retired pay and benefits for the remainder of her life.