Administrative Reprimand

An administrative reprimand placed in your permanent personnel file can mean the end of your career.

You are not likely to be promoted and may even face involuntary administrative separation. Although administrative reprimands have significant consequences for your career, you have very few due process rights and very short deadlines for rebuttals, usually about a week.


Assisting Clients

Assisting clients with rebutting administrative reprimands is usually a low priority for military defense counsel. Military defense counsel may even refer you to a military legal assistance attorney, typically a Judge Advocate who is new to the military, and therefore, lacks the expertise necessary to help you successfully rebut the reprimand. Our attorneys have experience with Administrative Reprimands.

I can’t thank Attorney Sheldon enough for his work on my case in obtaining my security clearance. I was facing an administrative discharge board due to the security issue. He was able to get another review of the facts and . . . I was granted a clearance.

Now all those sleepless nights, the worries, and stress are gone. Again THANK YOU from my wife and 3 daughters.

- SSgt B.