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United States Armed Forces members are deployed all over the world and can be called to risk their lives at any time. Great things are demanded from them. However, when those same service members, or their families, face legal problems, the options provided to them may hardly exceed the call of duty.

The Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, represents current and retired members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, including service members who are being discharged, court-martialed, or are trying to get into the service and being denied the opportunity to do so.

Areas in which we provide representation include:

  • Courts-martial
  • Court-martial appeals
  • Corrections of military records/discharge upgrades
  • ROTC and military academy disenrollments
  • Administrative discharge hearings
  • Security clearances defense/reinstatements
  • Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) reviews and recommendations
  • Inspector General (IG)/military command investigations
  • Personal injury and privacy claims against the government

Few law firms can claim our length and breadth of experience in military legal defense matters. For a full listing of the types of cases in which we represent clients, please read our Practice Areas overview page.

International Military Defense Lawyer

Our lead attorney, David P. Sheldon, has more than 20 years of experience in defending the interests of clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide. He has sought and secured favorable results for hundreds of clients, even those facing serious charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

As a military defense lawyer with military experience, Mr. Sheldon understands the issues facing military personnel. As a civilian attorney who only represents military defendants, he can also advocate strongly and without a conflict of interest. In addition, Mr. Sheldon's experience allows him to effectively bridge the gap between the military world and the civilian judicial or administrative body often tasked with deciding your case.

Although our practice is based in Washington, D.C., he can handle your case wherever you are stationed or reside.

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