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Protecting Yourself In A Security Clearance Revocation Hearing

A security clearance is vital, whether you are in the military or a civilian employee. Losing a clearance may mean losing everything you have spent your career working toward. You can't afford to simply hope for the best. You need to prepare yourself for an aggressive defense.

Mounting a proper defense against drug possession charges

When a member of the armed forces is facing charges of drug possession, it can compromise that person's freedom, career and reputation. It is of the utmost importance to properly confront those charges with a defense strategy that is completely tailored to the needs of the individual. Without the right defense strategy, a drug possession charge could carry lifelong negative consequences.

How post-traumatic stress disorder might hurt a military career

Military service can take a toll, possibly affecting an individual’s performance even before his or her service commitment is over.  One example that comes readily to mind is post-traumatic stress disorder. Although awareness of PTSD among service members returning from active duty has increased, the treatment for this condition remains as much art as science.

Corrections to military service records must be handled quickly

It is not uncommon for a veteran or surviving family member to discover what they perceive to be an error or injustice in a military service record. The correction of military records can be a complex, frustrating process. In the hands of an experienced legal professional, however, you might have a better chance at a beneficial resolution.

Can Internet use impact your security clearance?

You might believe that your Internet use is private and personal. This is simply not the case. In fact, the advice that is commonly given by interviewers, investigators and military officials is to consider anything that you write on the Internet as though everyone in the world will see it.

Is the Army targeting disabled vets with misconduct discharges?

Is the military justice system fair? According to some federal lawmakers, the U.S. Army’s misconduct discharges should be reviewed. The group, comprised of 12 U.S. senators, has requested the Army inspector general to review the discharges of service members who had also been diagnosed with various mental health conditions. 

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