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The SGT Bergdahl story demonstrates why a good military defense lawyer is so important

UCMJ protocol doesn't necessarily end after an initial investigation. In the case of Sergeant Bergdahl, he faces a general court martial even though an investigation recommended that he face no jail time and even though an Article 32, UCMJ, investigation recommended that he be tried in a Special Court-Martial.

Does an Article 32 investigation work like a grand jury?

The Department of the Army provides an online resource, outlining the procedural rights of a service member who is subject to an investigation under Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Although this type of military proceeding is sometimes compared to a grand jury, it is important to understand certain differences.

Facing charges of AWOL or Desertion

Failure to report for duty carries serious penalties for military personnel. This is a category that includes three related offenses: absence without leave (AWOL), desertion, and missing movement. While related, these offenses have different definitions and involve different penalties. This article will define these terms and the penalties military personnel face for these three offenses.

Can you appeal a denied request for delay or exemption from duty?

Individuals that want to serve their country but have other personal circumstances, such as family or work obligations, might opt for the Reserves or the Army National Guard. The enlistment and training schedule may only involve weekends and a few weeks during the year.

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