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Military benefits may require a phyiscal evaluation board appeal

An appeal to a physical evaluation board does not always seek admittance. In fact, sometimes a service member may need to have a disability officially confirmed before he or she becomes eligible for certain benefits. Our law firm has represented both active and former military members who believe they received incorrect determinations from a PEB. We can help build a strong case for proving a member’s true physical and/or mental condition.

Tips for preserving eligibility for a military security clearance

As a law firm that focuses on military law, we have represented members of the armed services in a variety of defensive matters, including court-martial proceedings, administrative hearings, and security clearance defense or reinstatements. Today’s post focuses on the latter.

Sexual assault debate roils Defense Secretary's office

Accusations of sexual assault by military personnel are very serious charges. The inflammatory nature of many of these cases can prove very detrimental to any servicemembers' career. At the same time, the military services have been criticized for ignoring many incidents involving alleged sexual assaults or other sexual matters.

Helping ROTC cadets challenge disenrollments

Facing allegations of wrongdoing can be impactful for any college student. Such accusations can have particularly big consequences though for those students who are participants in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program. This is because such allegations could, in some circumstances, lead to an ROTC cadet facing disenrollment from the program.

Updates you need to know about the UCMJ manual for courts martial

On May 20, 2016, President Obama amended the Manual for Courts-Martial. The last time the MCM was revisited and updated was in 2012. There are a number of ways these amendments are significant but we'll be focusing on the two changes in this article.

Does military justice value discipline more than due process?

Does the military afford procedural fairness to a service member accused of disciplinary or other violations? A recent book observes that military justice is different from civilian justice, serving several simultaneous aims, such as justice, due process and discipline. When it comes to a court-martial, however, the author believes that discipline is paramount, with justice and due process subordinate.

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