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The Case of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and the Value of His Defense Team

If you are a member of the military being investigated or charged with a crime, it is always best to hire a qualified attorney who can help protect your rights. Having a solid and dependable military defense attorney is crucial, especially if it is your first time navigating through the complexities of the law.

Monthly tally of courts-martial outcomes shows procedural variety

Although a court martial may seem like an extreme measure, the reality is that they are a fairly common occurrence in the military justice system. A recent tally of the U.S. Army’s 59 courts-martial outcomes in June provides context.

Does an Article 32 investigation work like a grand jury?

The Department of the Army provides an online resource, outlining the procedural rights of a service member who is subject to an investigation under Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Although this type of military proceeding is sometimes compared to a grand jury, it is important to understand certain differences.

Can a commander overrule the Article 32 investigator's advice?

Our military defense law firm generally recommends exploring every possible strategy. For that reason, we believe that it is generally in an accused’s best interest to prepare for the Article 32 evidentiary hearing that precedes a court martial.

How long might an Article 32 investigation last?

A U.S. Navy officer may be facing charges of espionage, according to a recent article. The officer is under scrutiny for other alleged improper behavior, as well. He reportedly committed adultery and hired a prostitute, which could also implicate him under military law.

Military must pursue courts-martial properly

Those who serve in the military can face a court-martial for a variety of offenses. However, when pursuing courts-martial against its service personnel, the military must ensure it does not infringe upon any protected rights. A lance corporal at Camp LeJeune received a court-martial after she refused to take down a Bible verse that was posted in her work space. District of Columbia readers are aware of the fact that the military cannot infringe upon the rights of those who are active in any faith.

Is the Army targeting disabled vets with misconduct discharges?

Is the military justice system fair? According to some federal lawmakers, the U.S. Army’s misconduct discharges should be reviewed. The group, comprised of 12 U.S. senators, has requested the Army inspector general to review the discharges of service members who had also been diagnosed with various mental health conditions. 

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