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A private law firm can protect you after military sexual assault

In several recent posts, we've discussed why it is important for service members to consult with a private attorney regarding sexual assault allegations. A private, civilian attorney might not be subject to the same potential conflicts of interest as a JAG attorney.

Getting Illegal Evidence Suppressed In A Military Criminal Case

The legal system continues to walk the fine line between prosecuting dangers to society and protecting our right to privacy. An 11-member en banc federal appeals court has ruled that while U.S. Navy investigators violated federal law in providing evidence in a child pornography case, that decision won't benefit the perpetrator. The 42-page opinion reverses a 2014 opinion by a three-member panel of the court.

Sexual assault allegations against general raise larger questions

Does the military justice system handle criminal sex allegations impartially, regardless of the accused’s rank? A recent sexual assault investigation against a four-star general has raised this very question among commentators.

The military's chain of command can impact criminal proceedings

A service member’s safety may sometimes be in the hands of his or her peers, especially during dangerous missions involving a team effort. That reality may necessitate a chain of command, where centralized leadership ensures a unit’s combat readiness and maneuverability. However, a recent article questions whether that approach should be modified for military justice issues.

Sexual assault debate roils Defense Secretary's office

Accusations of sexual assault by military personnel are very serious charges. The inflammatory nature of many of these cases can prove very detrimental to any servicemembers' career. At the same time, the military services have been criticized for ignoring many incidents involving alleged sexual assaults or other sexual matters.

Mounting a proper defense against drug possession charges

When a member of the armed forces is facing charges of drug possession, it can compromise that person's freedom, career and reputation. It is of the utmost importance to properly confront those charges with a defense strategy that is completely tailored to the needs of the individual. Without the right defense strategy, a drug possession charge could carry lifelong negative consequences.

Pushing back against military sexual assault charges

Anyone facing criminal accusations has to think about their future. This being said though, for those in the military, not only does a service member have to worry about damage to their personal and professional reputation and prison time, but also depending on the crime, he or she could be saying goodbye to their future military career. 

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