Testimonials: “I don’t know if I could find the words to extend my appreciation”


Mr. Sheldon:

I just got done reading the filings. Again, I don’t know if I could find the words to extend my appreciation of your expert work. Everything I find out about you and your firm makes me appreciate my incredible luck in hiring you. You have such a grasp on this case. To me it seems an impossible task, unless you lived it, and yet here you are with this ability to have grasped this to a level of living it.
I hope I get a chance, in the future, to have you by our side, in a publicity situation, someday. There are others out there that truly need your help, some are forced to take deals because of their fear of prosecutor threats. I can just pray that fate will bring those in need of help to you. I hope a fund can be set up to help those unfortunate military personnel that can’t afford the fees. I have not seen in my history an attorney so worthy of his fee.

Thank you for working with me to make it affordable to hire the best to represent my son!

Thanks again Mr. Sheldon!!!
Fred B. / Mark B. (my son)