Testimonial: “Thanks to Mr. Sheldon, name is cleared and I have my life and career back.”

“If your ability to take care of your family, your reputation, and your military career are at risk, then you need a lawyer with exceptional skill, as well as an extensive knowledge of the law in order to give you the best expert advice, represent you with tenacity, confidence, fearlessness, and skill. The aforementioned are the qualities that Mr. Sheldon has in abundance and they are the qualities that led me to select him above all others to represent me and be my advocate (in “my corner”) when I found out that my nearly 20-year career and personal reputation was at, risk due to false allegations.

Over the course of a few weeks he rapidly assessed my situation and brought to bear his many years of experience to defend me and my family name. He is “fighter” that went to battle on my behalf with a level of expertise and ferocity that is only seen in the most experienced and dedicated lawyers. His deep and extensive knowledge of the military justice system, expert advice and persistence in leaving no false allegation unchallenged were the decisive factors in proving my innocence. I was also deeply impressed and appreciative of the collegial atmosphere and excellent working relationship that he developed with my military appointed counsel, as they both worked together to prove my innocence.

Thanks to Mr. Sheldon, my name is cleared and I have my life and career back. If you are a member of the military and find yourself in need of legal representation, then my advice to you is not to delay not even one minute and call Mr. Sheldon Immediately!!! ”