Military Injustice: Crime-Lab Worker’s Errors Cast Doubt On Military Verdicts

WASHINGTON – Life-and-death questions shadow misconduct at the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, where investigators discovered that a lab analyst cut corners and falsified reports: Were the innocent convicted, and did the guilty go free?

The answer is troubling: In many cases, the destruction of evidence and the passage of time make it impossible to know.

“How do you resolve the question when you have no way, when the original samples have been lost and there is no way to retest them?” attorney Frank Spinner asked lab official Michael Auvdel at a July 2008 court hearing.

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Pentagon Declares That Navy Officers Remarks Were Not Lobbying Effort

In another Navy Times report, the Pentagon has come out with a statement saying that an admiral’s remarks should not be thought of as a lobbying effort to Congress; something that is illegal for active duty military personnel. In a follow up report, the Pentagon recognized the admiral’s mistake, but said he didn’t break the rules.

Firm Wins Hills Trailer Case-Findings and Sentence Set Aside for Sailor Accused of Multiple Sexual Assaults of his Estranged Spouse-Mr. Sheldon argued the case on March 15, 2018.