Platinum Sponsor of The Robert A. Pickett Foundation

The Law Firm of David P. Sheldon is a Platinum Sponsor of the Golf Classic, 2024. Join us in supporting The Robert A. Pickett Foundation Golf Classic, 2024 or Donate.

About Robert A. Pickett Foundation:
Our mission is focused on enhancing the way mental health is looked at and treated. We strive to achieve this by leveraging the power of three things Bobby loved, youth sports, art, and community engagement. The proceeds and resources generated through these initiatives will be directed towards supporting other non-profit organizations at the forefront of mental health research and treatment. In the realm of mental health, a new shift is needed. Our commitment is to act as a catalyst, inspiring a fresh perspective of understanding and support for those who suffer from mental illness. As a family that has had to endure the pain associated with severe mental illness, we feel a duty to share Bobby’s story, so that other tragedies can be avoided.

Robert Pickett Foundation

Future fund raising events and registration links.

Registration is now open for The Robert A. Pickett Foundation Golf Classic, the first annual golf scramble tournament. Looking for 4 person scramble teams. The Tournament will be held on July 26th at Bull Run Golf Course. Registration includes all you can drink beer and wine, a boxed lunch, and a bbq dinner with raffle prizes after the Tournament. Join us for an amazing time toward a great cause!


The Robert A. Pickett Foundation
A non profit organized under the laws of Virginia
Mailing Address: 3607 Chain Bridge Rd, Unit D
Fairfax, VA 22030

Spotlight: Volunteering for Housing Development

This month’s Spotlight is on non-profit work done by Attorney Shannon James, and her husband Doug.

Shannon and Doug make yearly trips to Rocky Point, Mexico to build houses for those in need. The non-profit provides resources of time and labor to help the organization 1 Mission. 1Mission is a community development organization. They allow recipients to receive a house by contributing service hours to help themselves and their community of 1Mission.

Shannon and Doug look forward to spending time working with 1Mission every year. The work is fulfilling and provides needed resources of volunteer hours to help accomplish the community development of housing for those in need.

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