Testimonial: ROTC Army Cadet Receives Relief by Winning Case

I would like to thank the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon for assisting me in my case.  I reached out to other law firms that indicated my case was a long-shot. Mr. Sheldon and his associates were very knowledgeable and were able to provide the legal support to win my case. In the end, the firm was very responsive and easy to work with and they helped me successfully win my case with other firms were not confident the case could be won. I appreciate the effort of the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon for supporting me and believing in a case that was not easily winnable.

M.S., ROTC Army


Testimonial: Legal Guidance and an Understanding of Policy Leads to Successful Resolution for Officer.

During my time working with the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, I was consistently impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of legal excellence. Mr. Sheldon demonstrated a profound understanding of USPHS policy and exhibited a remarkable ability to navigate complex legal issues with precision and expertise. Mr. Sheldon displayed a strong sense of dedication to my case, investing time and effort to thoroughly research and analyze the relevant legal issues. Mr. Sheldon’s insightful guidance and strategic advice ultimately contributed to a successful resolution.

G.S, Capt. USPHS

Testimonial: US Army Female Non -Commissioned Officer gets Relief at ABCMR, Discharges as Honorable

I wish to express my deep gratitude to the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon.  As a non-native female soldier, I found it very difficult to navigate the military to correct records and reverse an “other than honorable discharge.” The errors in the military records cost me opportunities to find employment and damaged my self-esteem, feeling shame from the harsh realities of this blemish on my military service and records. In a word, the wrongful records kept me from pursuing a life free from shame and distrust of others as a foreign-born citizen and soldier.

In 2016 I reached out to the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon. I found the team to be supportive, compassionate and kind to me. Their heart-felt interest in helping me get the records corrected gave me hope that I could mend the wrongs that had been done against me. Needless to say what a great win it was to receive my Certificate of Honorable Discharge. I can now apply for jobs with the confidence that I have a solid honorable discharge in my military service records. Additionally, I have gained partial relief in the ABCMR, the final victory in this very difficult time.

Sir, there are no words that come close to expressing the depths of my appreciation. I admire the team in their abilities to navigate this ABCMR. My future has been returned back into my own hands and for this I am so grateful. Thank you for restoring my dream, and my dignity.

As a female soldier, foreign born where my language and cultural abilities are not as sophisticated as an American born citizen, I found compassion and kindness in the face of adverse conditions that were not easy to navigate. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Attorney David P. Sheldon, PLLC.

O.R., Army Sgt. US Army Female Non -Commissioned Officer
of Special Operations Command, Freedom Fighter/Warrior.

Navy Upgrades Discharge to Honorable in Board of Record Correction Decision

The Law Offices forwarded the decision from Board for Correction of Naval Records where the board found in the officer’s favor and granted the decision to upgrade the records to reflect Honorable. The decision removed the narrative reason for the discharge from Misconduct to Secretarial Authority, removing the RE-4 enlistment code and substituting an RE-1A.


Words can not express how grateful I am. I am so happy I found you and we got this outcome. This news is life altering and I’m so happy. I’m so grateful for all your hard work and effort. This is a huge win for us all. I thank you for your understanding and wisdom and patience. Not everyone was willing to give me a chance to tell my story. Your law firm let me have a voice again. I’m so glad you were in my corner and your knowledge and expertise lead us here. I’m so proud and so grateful! You guys are making a difference every day with the work you do. It’s so honorable and I’m so happy for us all. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!


Testimonial: “If you are a veteran who has been wrongfully discharged, these are the people you need to speak with.”

As a veteran who was wrongfully discharged from the military, the best thing that could have happened to me post-separation was getting in touch with David and his team. I was told I failed a urinalysis test which resulted in a loss of my GI bill and other benefits. After meeting with David and receiving a date in an appeals court, David managed to argue my case resulting in the clearing of any wrongdoing and a discharge upgrade to honorable. Today, I am a full time college student using my GI bill and other benefits. If you are a veteran who has been wrongfully discharged, these are the people you need to speak with.

C. K.  E-3, United States Navy

Testimonial: “I would highly recommend David P. Sheldon.”

After my son’s Other than Honorable discharge for something he didn’t do, we turned to David Sheldon and his team. Not only were they helpful in correcting the “wrong” that was done, David and team were patient, communicative, and responsive. I would highly recommend using David Sheldon. He was worth every penny!

T. K., Parent of Navy Service Member


Testimonial: “I highly recommend the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon for all of your military legal needs.”

Mr. Sheldon and his team were great right from the start. He laid out a knowledgeable plan of defense with a course of action that was born out of experience, with every intention of leveling the playing field to get to a fair result. I was caught up in a broken system filled with bias, privilege, and presumption. He was the voice that I needed in order to be heard and given even a chance of receiving some sort of justice. His advice and legal council brought peace and reassurance throughout the process and a result that could not have been achieved otherwise. I highly recommend the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon for all of your military legal needs as a very resourceful, informed, and experienced high powered firm that has a personal touch of immediate availability and response time. He will genuinely fight on your behalf and is an outstanding advocate to have by your side no matter what the charge or accusation. I was facing a command that was trying to end my career and ruin my record over contradictory instructions and technicalities that were being applied maliciously in an unequal fashion, but instead I am being allowed to remain in service to eventually retire as planned. I am extremely grateful for Mr. Sheldon and his team.

T.S. CDR Navy

Testimonial: “I knew this team would get the job done, and they did.”

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Office of David P. Sheldon as well as his team that worked closely with me during this entire legal process. I’m not sure how much I can discuss, but I can say that I was promised something when I was first commissioned and was then later informed that the USPHS made a mistake and would not honor what they originally agreed upon. Common sense told me that this was wrong and unfair and that I needed legal representation. I did seek out two other firms other than David Sheldon and that same common sense told me that this was the firm to represent me, without any reservation. After speaking with David I felt that he had the most experience, the most confidence and the most integrity which instantly gave me a sense of assurance. It was that assurance that made the whole process tolerable and comfortable as well as a deep feeling that I had nothing to worry about. Truly, I knew in the back of my mind that this team would get the job done, and they did. Again I can’t express my gratitude enough for a job well done.

With great thanks,