Ashleen Williams, PhD, Paralegal

Since 2021, Ashleen Williams has worked as a legal writer and paralegal for the firm, assisting the attorneys with BCMR and DRB cases. Ashleen holds a Ph.D. in History, which informs her approach to case work and writing. Since 2016, Ashleen has served as an Instructional Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi. She currently leads the university’s first-generation college student initiatives under “Flagship First-Gen.”  She is a two-time Fulbright award recipient, a 2013 Mitchell Scholar, and a University of Montana Grizzley of the Last Decade.

LeAnn Hendrick, Legal Business Manager

In July 2001, LeAnn Hendrick joined the law firm as a business management professional. For
almost three decades, LeAnn has accomplished her job with refined elegance. She has focused on
serving the clients of the firm with a degree of excellence rarely seen in the legal community and
has demonstrated an unquestionable character, respect, loyalty and kindness to all.

LeAnn manages the entire office. She works closely with the staff on a daily basis to maintain
the office is functioning properly. She coordinates with human resource management as well as
oversees the daily operations of the office including but not limited to planning meetings,
conferences, Zoom calls, managing attorney-client interactions and billing. One of the attorneys
has given her the name “multi-tasking ninja”.

LeAnn is a native Washingtonian, a mother, a grandmother, a mentor, an advocate of domestic
violence, an author and the founder of Beyond The Call, Inc. and Beyond The Call, LLC.
LeAnn is also a motivating FORCE within the community where she has served the unhoused
men, women and children for more than two and one-half decades. She believes in family,
community, and ACTION!

LeAnn was taught that one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon someone is the gift of
serving others, while treating everyone with love and respect. LeAnn’s character exemplifies
love, grace, perseverance, and kindness. Therefore it’s no surprise that she assists the unhoused
communities, returning citizens, victims of domestic violence as well as individuals in need by
providing essential items necessary for them to make it day by day and those who face food
insecurities including but not limited to clothing, toiletries, school supplies, and home cooked

LeAnn’s spare time consists of travelling, having fun outdoors, cooking, spending time with her
friends, serving in local churches and catering to the needs of others. LeAnn continues to serve
the community and renders assistance to other non-profit organizations throughout the
metropolitan area and beyond.

LeAnn is a woman of faith who stands firm in the belief that it takes a grassroots effort to invoke
change because for nearly 30 years she has been a behind the scenes pillar in our community
ready to jump in. LeAnn’s integrity is unmatched. She has maintained a level of professionalism
amongst her peers.

LeAnn’s personal mantra is “If you can reach one, you can teach one which can ULTIMATELY
UPLIFT ONE.” LeAnn knows firsthand that life can shift in an instant and that tomorrow is not
promised. As such, LeAnn works diligently to provide for others the assistance she often lacked
herself through some of her toughest life’s adversities. Instead of lamenting the challenges of
life, LeAnn is creating the change she desires to see.

The firm exists to assist our clients in need. Without LeAnn’s focus, integrity, kindness, and
abilities the firm would not have been the success it has become.

Linda Tiller, Senior Litigation Paralegal

Linda Tiller recently retired after spending 40 years working for the Department of the Navy. Fresh out of high school, she spent 20 years working for the Office of the Judge Advocate General, Appellate Defense Division, where she gained extensive experience in appellate litigation. She assisted in the
representation of Navy and Marine Corps servicemembers in appellate review before the Navy Court of
Military Review, Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and the U.S. Supreme Court. Her role was reviewing new appeals and assigning cases to counsel, drafting motions, correspondence and managing support staff of up to 5 civilian and 2 enlisted legal men.

Enlisted by a former Appellate Defense Director, she furthered her legal education and obtained her
Certification in Paralegal Studies. Taking her new certification, she began working for the Navy Surgeon General’s Legal Team. She was able to hone her research experience in ethics reviews, and FOIA requests.

Contacted by the Office of the General Counsel, Navy Litigation Office she was offered and accepted a
position as the sole paralegal to a staff of 30 attorneys. Her primary focus was litigation support for
contract appeals and civilian personnel cases. She provided support to staff representing the government in complex government contract appeals before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and United States Court of Federal Claims.

Linda received numerous accolades and awards. She is most proud of her Navy-Marine Corps Unit
Commendation Award as well as her Civilian Meritorious Service Commendation. In her spare time, Linda enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and 4 grandchildren. She supports local sports teams, attending games and traveling and volunteering for the American Cancer Society.