Testimonial: “They were amazing from day one and never failed to keep me up to date on everything.”

I cannot thank David and his staff enough for all the work they put into my case. It was truly a team effort. David fought for me in person at a Formal Medical Evaluation Board in TX and made sure we won. He made sure my 18+ years of service was not thrown away due to a medical issue. He came prepared and explained everything along the way. The expertise of him and his team is unmatched. I cannot thank them enough for giving me my career back and allowing me the chance to retire with full benefits on my terms, when I am ready and not just when one doctor says I should. They were amazing from day one and never failed to keep me up to date on everything. Thank you for everything you all did for me.

TSgt T.USAF (still proudly serving because of your team)

Testimonial: “Mr. Sheldon held fast and with great confidence and law expertise”

Sir David!!

You have slayed Goliath!!

On behalf of my wife and my two little ones, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! We’re so happy to be CPT and Mrs. (USAR Ret).

Your exceptional team at the Law Offices of David P Sheldon, PLLC, helped me overcome a huge Army error regarding my USAR pension. The bureaucracy could not admit this error that put my retirement on hold for 3 years, which is very unfair to a man and his family. Even military retirement orders were not enough for an admission from the highest levels within the Army retirement chain-of-command.

Mr. Sheldon held fast and with great confidence and law expertise, convinced the Army Board of Corrections, that my retirement was justified.

Forever Grateful,


Testimonial: “Thanks to Mr. Sheldon, name is cleared and I have my life and career back.”

“If your ability to take care of your family, your reputation, and your military career are at risk, then you need a lawyer with exceptional skill, as well as an extensive knowledge of the law in order to give you the best expert advice, represent you with tenacity, confidence, fearlessness, and skill. The aforementioned are the qualities that Mr. Sheldon has in abundance and they are the qualities that led me to select him above all others to represent me and be my advocate (in “my corner”) when I found out that my nearly 20-year career and personal reputation was at, risk due to false allegations.

Over the course of a few weeks he rapidly assessed my situation and brought to bear his many years of experience to defend me and my family name. He is “fighter” that went to battle on my behalf with a level of expertise and ferocity that is only seen in the most experienced and dedicated lawyers. His deep and extensive knowledge of the military justice system, expert advice and persistence in leaving no false allegation unchallenged were the decisive factors in proving my innocence. I was also deeply impressed and appreciative of the collegial atmosphere and excellent working relationship that he developed with my military appointed counsel, as they both worked together to prove my innocence.

Thanks to Mr. Sheldon, my name is cleared and I have my life and career back. If you are a member of the military and find yourself in need of legal representation, then my advice to you is not to delay not even one minute and call Mr. Sheldon Immediately!!! ”

MEB/PEB Testimonial: “I am forever grateful for the work he put in to make sure my family and I were taken care of.”

I am a Marine that was placed on TDRL after a medical board decided I was medically unfit to serve due to an eventful deployment to Afghanistan where I was injured from multiple IED blasts. I was placed at 70% DOD and 100% VA disability upon the conclusion of my medical board, but I was re-evaluated in December 2018 where my DOD rating was unjustifiably dropped from 70% to 10%, effectively causing my family to lose retirement benefits that we depend on. This decision from the DOD was made shortly after the VA decided that my conditions had not changed and that I still rated 100%.

I was given 15 days to accept the decision from the DOD or fight it and I was lost as to where to find someone to help. I found David Sheldon online and contacted him and immediately I felt hopeful that my family and I were going to be taken care of. In our first conversation he said, “so the USMC said you can’t perform your duties because of your conditions and a year later you are completely better, right?” this let me know this is his realm of expertise and that he understood my predicament. I decided to go with him because my family’s welfare was on the line and I needed someone that could fight for us. David never disappointed and really proved his level of commitment during the hearing where he absolutely controlled the room and got the results we wanted. I am forever grateful for the work he put in to make sure my family and I were taken care of.

Mr. Sheldon immediately evaluated my case, arranged for an expert evaluation, and prepared me and my case for success. I worried—did I make the right decision? The first time I met Mr. Sheldon he clearly knew my case, knew what we had to do, and then did it. When we went to the hearing, we were so prepared that during the hearing the Board adjourned and offered to stipulate to what we wanted—a total victory. I really don’t doubt that, but for hiring Mr. Sheldon, I would not be retired from the Marine Corps today. For that I am very grateful.

But Mr. Sheldon also offered something more—from my interactions with him, you know he really does care—he cared about me and I know he cares about the other service members who he represents. You get that and an attorney who knows what to do, how to do it, and will do it. Pretty remarkable.


Chief Loses Anchors After Pleading Guilty to ‘Wrongful Appropriation’ of Military Property

A U.S. Navy chief lost his anchors last month after pleading guilty to “wrongful appropriation” of military property.

A Navy judge sentenced then-Chief Aviation Electronics Technician Kirk P. Killian on July 29 to be bumped down to E-6 after he pleaded guilty to misappropriating military property greater than $500, according to Navy records.

Read Full Article

Testimonial: “Through every chapter in the court battle … David was there to support us.”

After separating from the Navy in 2009 almost half a year later DFAS sent a demand letter stating I owed them almost $60,000 (and the interest just kept adding up as well)!! I thought it was truly a mistake, but unfortunately, I was wrong, DFAS believed I owed the government this debt. After attempting to fight this battle on our own, my wife and I made one of the best decisions we could have ever made, we contacted the Law Offices of David Sheldon. David and I spoke at length and over the next few weeks we exchanged information and forms. From there on David spent about 9 years relentlessly fighting for us and our injustice! When the Board of Corrections of Naval Records denied our petition, he fought back with a reconsideration, when they denied that, David took it to Federal Court. When the Federal Judge remanded it back to the Board of Corrections David and his team drove it home and justice was restored!

Through every chapter in the court battle and every season in our personal lives David was there to support us. Not only as an attorney but as a friend. When you spend years serving others, it is a traumatic experience to realize that one false debt can essentially dictate and take control of your life, your character and your name. Thank you David Sheldon and your team for restoring mine!”

– M.M.

Testimonial: “They are extremely knowledgeable of the law, always transparent”

I am extremely grateful for the exceptional hard work Mr. Sheldon and his team did to support and advocate on my behalf. Their guidance was nothing short of superb! They are extremely knowledgeable of the law, always transparent and did not mislead about the process or expectations. Mr. Sheldon was a “pit-bull” when fighting for my case, yet sensitive and caring towards my stressful position against an overwhelming legal system. His team was always available to address any concerns and answer any questions. Thank you so very much for all you’ve done!

I highly recommend Mr. Sheldon and his team!


Testimonial: “His knowledge of the law is phenomenal.”

Mr. Sheldon came highly recommended by JAGs from multiple branches of service and it is easy to see why.

He immediately reviewed my case and was open and honest about expectations. He seamlessly worked with my military defense council and emphasized the importance of teamwork from the beginning.

His knowledge of the law is phenomenal. He knows the law and is constantly researching prior cases and recommending strategies to best help the client and he is relentless at getting justice for his clients.

Not only is he amazing at practicing law, but he is also a great person. He was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns I had surrounding my case.

When you are in such a stressful, and honestly terrifying, situation in your life you don’t want to be concerned that your lawyer is subpar. You don’t have to worry about that with Mr. Sheldon and his team!

I cannot recommend him enough!