Testimonial: US Army Female Non -Commissioned Officer gets Relief at ABCMR, Discharges as Honorable

I wish to express my deep gratitude to the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon.  As a non-native female soldier, I found it very difficult to navigate the military to correct records and reverse an “other than honorable discharge.” The errors in the military records cost me opportunities to find employment and damaged my self-esteem, feeling shame from the harsh realities of this blemish on my military service and records. In a word, the wrongful records kept me from pursuing a life free from shame and distrust of others as a foreign-born citizen and soldier.

In 2016 I reached out to the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon. I found the team to be supportive, compassionate and kind to me. Their heart-felt interest in helping me get the records corrected gave me hope that I could mend the wrongs that had been done against me. Needless to say what a great win it was to receive my Certificate of Honorable Discharge. I can now apply for jobs with the confidence that I have a solid honorable discharge in my military service records. Additionally, I have gained partial relief in the ABCMR, the final victory in this very difficult time.

Sir, there are no words that come close to expressing the depths of my appreciation. I admire the team in their abilities to navigate this ABCMR. My future has been returned back into my own hands and for this I am so grateful. Thank you for restoring my dream, and my dignity.

As a female soldier, foreign born where my language and cultural abilities are not as sophisticated as an American born citizen, I found compassion and kindness in the face of adverse conditions that were not easy to navigate. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Attorney David P. Sheldon, PLLC.

O.R., Army Sgt. US Army Female Non -Commissioned Officer
of Special Operations Command, Freedom Fighter/Warrior.