Air Force Sergeant’s Family Brings Medical Malpractice for Wrongful Death of Airman

Press Release: Air Force Sergeant’s Family Brings Medical Malpractice for Wrongful Death of Airman

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On December 1, 2023, under the Military Claims Act (NDAA), the firm filed a claim on behalf of the family of an Air Force Sergeant, who tragically lost his life due to poor care and medical negligence.

This case involved our client’s husband, an active-duty Tech Sergeant serving in Korea, who was experiencing severe chest pains while carrying out his duties on base. The Airman went to the emergency room to find out why he was experiencing such extreme pain. Though he had all the signs of onset heart disease, the medical doctor who provided care not once, but twice, failed to thoroughly investigate his symptoms or refer him to a cardiologist. The medical providers attributed his symptoms to mere heartburn. Just days later, the Airman tragically collapsed and died of avoidable cardiac arrest. This left our client with unimaginable grief, questions, and cries for justice.

The Law Offices of David P. Sheldon has worked tirelessly to correct this injustice by filing a claim against the United States Army Claims Service for personal injury or death caused by the Department of Defense healthcare provider. The firm retained three renowned experts on behalf of the client, had the client’s spouse evaluated and the medical experts provided a medical opinion, which recommended that the DoD medical provider failed to meet the requisite standard of care for emergency room physicians and negligence was irrefutable. The Army has acknowledged the validity of our client’s claim and upon adjudication our client is eligible to recover damages up to $15,500,000.

The Law Office of David P. Sheldon has critical experience in these newfound issues. The firm has helped countless dedicated nonuniform and uniform military, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force officers obtain the legal relief they deserve. If you are a uniformed servicemember, and a victim of personal injury or death caused by a DoD health care provider, we are here to help.

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